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Chapter 2 Epilogue

You’ve ascended the infamous Durlag’s Tower. Amongst the traps, you found little challenge in the creatures that inhabited each floor. You scrounged for viable information on the cube. In the archives, several books sure up some of the mysteries surrounding the artifact. Atop the spire, you felled the evil Cultist Frulam and obtained one of the powerful gemstones. You leave with more combat prowess, magical items, and rather heavy satchels of gold and trinkets. You have more insight on The Cube, but not the perils that await you further.

The guide you sought in Treckard, is now lost to who knows what. And who knows where. You learned of a thoroughfare of portals, but this ominous finding only got Treckard captured. However, hope. Something he left you with… the descriptions of where each portal lead… Greenest, Durlag’s Tower, the Nashkel Carnival, Beregost, a maze, a cavern, and… somewhere else.

Your party finds themselves again, at only the tip of the adventure. Decisions on how to move forward: where to next, what do you have now, what will aid you in the search for the gemstone weapons, and now Treckard…

The impasse in your mind, as you battle through your options, uncertainty of which path is better. One thing rings true: You four are unique.

And you press on.